My computer life with Farmville2


Back in 2012 Zyaga branched out and spread its wings with Farmville2,I started playing the game in 2014 and the adventures have been endless.Needless to say the game is very addictive. I have grown to have a deep appreciation for the game. Farmville2 graphics and technology in social gaming makes it a real social event. Although there are many ways to play the game,it is all connected and a week link or a neighbor that doesn’t visit can have a small to large impact on others game. Zyaga Farmville 2 Is not just a matter of planting crops, to me it is a matter of getting to meet and know other people from around the world using very little verbal communication,as people on face book open up there private little corner to you so you can be helped and help them. The Farmville2 game holds a lot of lessons if we just open up our eyes and see. One of the aspects of the farming game I have noticed is that people tend to overlook the trees due to the water they require, I myself was also guilty of this tree neglect. Then one day it dawned on me that the trees are the key to my xp problem as well as the fair. I went on a hunt to see if my theory had some backing and I found there where many groups dedicated to trees, so after many months of begging my farmville2 neighbors to please water my trees only to meet with very little response I decided to join a group. The down side was I had to unfriend and remove most of my old Farmville2 neighbors. I am happy to announce that my new tree friends are the best , they all work together and they all water trees on farms they visit, in fact I personally think tree people are very giving as they do not visit for personal gain, my Tree and water problem has finely been solved,and as for my theory well oddly enough I have leveled up 8 times in the last 6 weeks and I seem to be able to keep a second and third place in the fair. Crops I have also found that crops do have a important roll to play as they allow you to create recipes for favors more so then the trees. The fishing,mushroom picking,and the mining also have there small roll in the game so do not over look them. Farmville2 in my opinion is well worth the effort to play even with all its glitches, its so much more then just a game..

Thankyou So Much Monique Elmore For Grate Article 🙂



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