It’s Dream Tree Time!


It’s Dream Tree Time!

The Dream Tree will released very soon. It works in a similar way to the Summer Basket and Valentines Box. The objective is to collect as many Dream Drops as possible, which can be traded in for exclusive Dream Tree items.

Dream Drops can be harvested from Dream Tree, and also sent as a gift, which only gives you 1 piece of Dream Drop.

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You need to ask/collect as many Dream Drops as required to redeem cool prizes:

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* Dream Drop

Dream Drops can be exchanged for various exclusive prizes. When a farmer redeems an item.. and Here all the Redeemable Items:

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* Purple Primrose (15 Dream Drops to Redeem)
* Jumping Fountain (30 Dream Drops to Redeem)
* Summer Donkey (45 Dream Drops to Redeem)

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* Dream Trumpet Tree (60 Dream Drops to Redeem)
* Rose Dragon (80 Dream Drops to Redeem)
* Dream Unicorn (100 Dream Drops to Redeem)



1 It’s Dream Tree Time!

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