Jade Falls: Chapter 15 Quest!

Jade Falls:

Chapter 15 Quest!

Expected duration of the quests is from 10th September, 2012 to 17th September, 2012

Note: The quests are specific to the Jade Falls Farm ..Before placing any quest Item on other farms, make sure that the quest icon shows up on the other farm, else their harvests might not count…
 These quests are repeatable

b098c43bdf7b2bebf86aeda442636b3f Jade Falls: Chapter 15 Quest!

Paint the Town!
* Get 6 Mineral Paints
* Harvest 30 Baby Corn (1 Day)
* Make 2 Moon Cakes

Mineral PaintsLucky Koi

Rewards: Lucky Koi

dbf6b8f312d0041852c94382855d5607 Jade Falls: Chapter 15 Quest!

Listen with your eyes!
* Get 8 Palettes
* Harvest 12 Unagi (4 Hrs)
* Harvest Lucky Koi 2 Times

PalettesChinese Dragon Statue

Rewards: Chinese Dragon Statue

2378ce3e29ac2882073a581a23db0020 Jade Falls: Chapter 15 Quest!

Chipping Away!
* Get 8 Stone Chisels
* Harvest 35 Bok Choy (12 Hrs)
* Make 3 Takoyaki

Stone ChiselsChinese Fringe Tree

Rewards: Chinese Fringe Tree

b425a3abd2455ecac63fa260164b91d3 Jade Falls: Chapter 15 Quest!

Carve your own niche!
* Get 8 Mallets
* Harvest 30 Water Cress (12 Hrs)
* Make 4 Hot & Sour Eggplants

MalletsSwimming Panda

Rewards: Swimming Panda

2ca9d2a008185edd2b485262a0f15dc2 Jade Falls: Chapter 15 Quest!

The Write Way!
* Get 9 Ink Bottles
* Harvest 40 Water Chestnut (2 Days)
* Harvest Any 6 Jade Animal Buildings

InksRed Umbrella Tree

Rewards: Red Umbrella Tree

dd9ffea9e6d3034e0fef9965e8946dae Jade Falls: Chapter 15 Quest!

Brush With Greatness!
* Get 10 Brushes
* Harvest 40 Green Onions (8 Hrs)
* Master Lucky Koi to level 1

BrushesDwarf Flying Squirrel

Rewards: Dwarf Flying Squirrel



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