Limited Edition Day Of The Dead Animals & Trees!

Limited Edition Day Of The Dead

Animals & Trees!

New Limited Edition Day Of The Dead Animals & Trees just Hit  Farmville Market tonight… Marigold Pegasus, Bulltrina, Painted Coyote Pup, Festival Chihuahua, Aztec Cat,,Festival Tree, Calaveritas Tree, Papel Picado Tree, and Paper Flower Tree are the new Collections.These items are available in the Farmville Markeet next 13 days.You can purchase any of these via Farmville Cash.

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Marigold Pegasus BulltrinaPainted Coyote Pup

* Farmville Limited Edition Marigold Pegasus – 30 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Bulltrina – 20 FVC
* Farmville Limited EditionPainted Coyote Pup – 14 FVC

Festival ChihuahuaAztec Cat

* Farmville Limited Edition Festival Chihuahua – 10 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Aztec Cat – 2,000,000 Coins

Festival TreeCalaveritas Tree

* Farmville Limited Edition Festival Tree – 6 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Calaveritas Tree – 12 FVC

Papel Picado TreePaper Flower Tree

 * Farmville Limited Edition Papel Picado Tree – 8 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Paper Flower Tree – 14 FVC

What do you think about these new Day Of The Dead Animals & Trees?



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