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Limited Edition December 24th Mystery Game

Limited Edition December 24th

Mystery Game !

FarmVille December 24th Mystery Game is Restore with all brand new prizes.This week Mystery Game Dart cost is 20 Fv Cash …here is no Gaurantee to win any specific you should play at your own risk. If you win all 6 regular prizes, you will receive a free Bonus Prize FarmVille Angel Sheep !

Before playing be sure to check out the prize below.Sharing is Caring.Share this post with ur friends….


This week mystery game has been upload with all new prizes.This week mystery game dart cost 20 FC.For win bonus prize you need to unlock all 6 prizes. 

  • Farmville Rare: Angel Horse Prize
  • Farmville Rare: Angel Cow Prize
  • Farmville Uncommon: Angel Elephant  Prize
  • Farmville Uncommon: Angel Tiger Prize
  • Farmville Common: Angel Dog Prize
  • Farmville commonAngel Cat Prize
  • Farmville BonusAngel Sheep Prize





Ugly Sweater Pegacorn

Angel Horse

Ugly Sweater Horse

Angel Cow

Ugly Sweater Cow

Angel Elephant

Ugly Sweater Sheep

Angel Tiger

Ugly Sweater Pig

Angel Dog

Ugly Sweater Dog

Angel Cat

Ugly Sweater Kangaroo

Angel Sheep

The Raffle Booth will remain the same for the prizes this week… Below are the expected prizes for the Raffle Booth this week

animalfeedtrough_feed socialplumbingmysterygift
1 Orchard
Gold Floppy Bunny
3 Fertilize All
5 Fuel Refills
Special Delivery x10

You want to win any of these Mystery Game Prize?Which one Prize you like very Much?



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