Marvel: Avengers Alliance


About the game

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a social network game based on the 2012 film The Avengers, and other elements of the Marvel Comics universe. In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, players manage a team of heroes (most of which need to be recruited during play), and control them on turn-based missions. Each mission is presented as a series of events (some of which are optional), with most events involving a turn-based battle between the player’s hero team and a team of enemies. In addition to missions, the player can also send heroes on remote issues using the Flight Deck, and engage other players in PvP (Player versus Player). In PvP, the initiating player controls their team of heroes in a battle with a game-selected adversary’s team, which is controlled by the game’s AI.

The game was originally released as promotion for the film The Avengers, however its development has continued into several seasons, adding more content along the way.


  • Automatically send heroes on Flight Deck missions and collect rewards
  • One-click ally scan
  • Automatically refresh on errors
  • Instant gifts via Gift Network


Install the Firefox extension, restart Firefox, and browse to the game’s web page.

Press the LeetHax button on the left to access the cheat interface.

Hover your mouse over each option to see a detailed description.

When the “Automate Flight Deck” option is active, you can leave the game open to collect Silver and hero experience over time.


The item getter uses up the daily gift limit (50 items per day). A “Gift not accepted” error most likely means that the limit is exhausted.

If an error occurs during item obtaining, you may find an item with the description “LH_giftBeacon” in your inventory. You can safely accept or discard it, but trying to “return the favor” can result in strange behavior.

Things that are not likely to be cheatable:

  • Avoiding the daily gift limit
  • Gold
  • Obtaining any item in the game, as was previously possible (patched 2012.06.01)
  • Obtaining more than one item of a kind per battle, as was previously possible (patched 2012.06.01)

Things that were previously possible, but have been patched and are currently no longer possible:

  • Easily win battles
  • Force certain items to drop in battle
  • Preview mission rewards
  • Mission score multiplier


If Flight Deck automation doesn’t work, try doing a few flights by yourself. This will usually get it working again.





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