Mission: Wonder of the Day – Reward 3 Million Coins and 1000 XP

A new mission for wonders arrives in CityVille. If you have started you wonder to build it than you can complete this task. Cityvillenew missions, this mission is named Mission: a wonderful day! – The wonders are always wonderful!. We are sharing from tweeti.info. Your first wonder is fantastic! But you will not leave it there, right? Complete and improves the 5 wonders. No wonder they are called wonders. Let’s get to work to surprise people. Press Share and Like


Marigolds are always wonderful!
(5) Build and improve the 5 new wonders ( Fig. 1 )
The Nouveau, Opera Pacific, the central station, the Forbidden Palace and Gardens ofBabylon ..
(30) Raise the wonderful memories of epic proportions ( Fig. 2 )
Pídeselos your friends ..
(20) Enables any wonder 20 times (Fig. 3 )
It’s incredible.
Reward: – 3000000 Coins – 1000 XP –



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