Mistletoe Lane – Holiday Town Escapade

Farmville Mistletoe Lane 

Holiday Town Escapade !

The Mistletoe Lane – Holiday Town Escapade kicks of with Stage 1 on november 5th
and is available through December 26th

We will show you the Requirements & Rewards for 
all the Stages of the Mistletoe Lane – Holiday Town Escapade:

Stage 1:
Requirements: Get 6 Wood Bundles

Time: 5th Nov till 8th Nov
Reward: Winter Groundhog

Stage 2: 
Requirements: Get 8 friends to help

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Time: 8th November till 11th November
Reward: Holiday Town Well


Stage 3:
Requirements: Get 8  PitchPamphlets, Get 8 Sign Paint, Get 8 Campaign Stickers, 

Time: 11th Nov till 18th Nov
Reward: Mystery Dart

Stage 4:
Requirements: Get 8 friends to help


Time: 18th Nov till 21st Nov
Reward: Holiday Card Tree

Stage 5
Requirements: Get 9 Campaign Flags

Time: 21st Nov till 24th Nov
Reward: Snowman Quartet

Stage 6:
Requirements: Get 10 Float Flowers, Get 10 Paper Mache, Get 10 Mascot Outfits

Time: 24th Nov till 1st Dec
Reward: Snowy Owl Roost

Stage 7:
Requirements: Get 8 friends to help


Time: 1st Decth till 4th Dec
Reward: 3 Pack of Turbos

Stage 8:
Requirements: Get 10 Campaign Buttons

Time: 4th Dec till 7th Dec
Reward: Polar Bear Costume

Stage 9:
Requirements: Get 12 Campaign Signs, Get 12 Megaphones, Get 12 Campaign Mugs

Time: 7th Dec till 14th Dec
Reward: White Husky Puppy

Stage 10:
Requirements: Get 10 friends to help


Time: 14th Dec till 17th Dec
Reward: Silver Poinsettia Full Bloom


Requirements: Get 12 Campaign Gifts

Time: 17th Dec till 20th Dec
Reward: Elf Hut


Requirements: Get 15 Stuffed Toys, Get 15 Fabric Flowers, Get 15 Silver Bells

Time: 20th Dec till 26th Dec
Reward: Floating Sleigh



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