New Farmville Buildable Dragon’s Lair

New Farmville Buildable Dragon’s Lair


Farmville Dragon’s Lair Building Will Consist on 4 Stages, Here’s A Look At The Building, The Scales  And The Dragons You’ll Unlock In The Upcoming Feature !

Note: Please note that any unreleased items have no official date for release and they can also change without intimation or notice.

Dragon’s Lair Loading Screen !


Here’s A Look At The Building



6 Scales will be required to craft Dragons:

  • FarmVille Orange Scale
  • FarmVille Green Scale
  • FarmVille Blue Scale
  • FarmVille Purple Scale
  • FarmVille Yellow Scale



Some of the Dragons that can be expected to be got from the new Dragons’ Lair


* Fire Abhavor Dragon
* Fire Etterius Dragon
* Fire Beoxas Dragon
* Fire Mesmeros Dragon
* Fire Sinclor Dragon
* Fire Puffonr Dragon

* Fire Glorimir Dragon
* Fire Skort Hero Dragon
* Fire Sondraje Dragon
* Fire Kahrmir Dragon
* Fire Longwei Dragon
* Fire Presidential Dragon

* Fire Robalos Dragon
* Fire Chef Dragon
* Fire Tornado Dragon
* Fire Disco Dragon
* Fire Tea Party Dragon
* Fire Harvok Dragon



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