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Puzzle House Quest Arrives!

Farmville Puzzle House Arrives!

FarmVille Puzzle House

FarmVille have released another new quest, the FarmVille Puzzle House. You will collect items, harvest crops, craft recipes and harvest buildings.Puzzle House Quest have 3 stages and 3 rewards. Chek More Detail Below..

Puzzle House Pop Up!

Tutorial Images Of Puzzle House Quest:



Puzzle House Quest 1:

Requirements : 6 Bird Seed, Harvest 100 Grain Crops, Harvest 2 Aviary’s and Craft 2 Recipes

Bird SeedHarvest 100 Grain CropsHarvest 2 Aviary'sCraft 2 Recipes

Flower Girl Duck

Reward : Flower Girl Duck

Puzzle House Quest 2:

Requirements : 6 Cowbells, 6 Milk Buckets, Harvest 5 Cow Pastures, Harvest 4 Livestock Pens, Craft 5 Recipes and Harvest 250 Flower Crops

CowbellsMilk BucketsHarvest 5 Cow PasturesHarvest 4 Livestock PensCraft 5 RecipesHarvest 250 Flower CropsDaisy Cow
Reward : Daisy Cow

Puzzle House Quest 3:

Requirements : 8 Sugar Cubes, 8 Horse Shoes, 8 Horse Combs, Harvest 300 Grain Crops, Harvest 8 Horse Paddocks, Harvest 6 Playpens, Craft 8 Recipes, Harvest 300 Fruit Crops and Master 3 New Animals to 1 Star or Higher

Sugar CubesHorse ShoesHorse CombsHarvest 300 Grain Crops

Harvest 8 Horse PaddocksHarvest 6 PlaypensCraft 8 RecipesHarvest 300 Fruit CropsMaster 3 New Animals to 1 Star or Higher

Carnation Horse
Reward : Carnation Horse

After finish quest you will get Red Carnation Pegasus.

Red Carnation Pegasus

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