REMOVE Me as your FV2 Neighbor :(

Howdy Fellow Farmers!

I am fuming! I havent played My game since Thursday as I just had to go to the County Fair… But this is 2 weeks in a row… 

Obviously I am in 3rd place like EVERY week, which is not the point. My point is… How in FV2 creation is this possible???? IT IS NOT!

I mean seriously is VIRTUAL cows worth this? Myself and the others do not even have 2000 Points YET Maru has 56 Million heading to 57 Mill…. Please! 

10846364_750340468388104_5154072232568175893_n (1)

This just roasts My Turnips! IF you seriously feel the need to be this lame…. REMOVE Me as your FV2 Neighbor….that’s not how I roll. -Deb-



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