Sporty Doghouse & Sporty Loyal Dogs Arrive!


Doghouse & Sporty Loyal Dogs Arrive!


FarmVille have released a new Sporty Doghouse building….In order to build one of these You will need to collect some of the new items…..

Once built your Sporty Doghouse produces special treats and you can also get treats from your friends! Feed the treats to your Loyal Dog to unlock the next dog.

Each Sporty Doghouse holds a lineage of 5 Loyal Dogs.

Sporty Doghouse Construction Materials

  • FarmVille Tennis Ball x 24
  • FarmVille Dog Bed x 12
  • FarmVille Rope Toy x 12


Sporty DoghouseSporty DoghouseDog Treats


Chew ToyDog BedTennis Ball


FarmVille Sporty Loyal Dogs & Required Treats:

  • FarmVille Parti Australian Shephard – Complete the DogHouse
  • FarmVille Black Shepherd – 20 Sporty Dog Treats or 20 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille American Golden Retriever – 40 Sporty Dog Treats or 40 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Rough Collie – 70 Sporty Dog Treats or 70 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Terhuahua – 120 Sporty Dog Treats or 120 Farm Cash

Parti Australian ShepardBlack ShepardAmerican Golden RetrieverRough CollieTerhuahua



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