Sturdy Doghouse Coming Soon

New Doghouse Coming Soon… The Sturdy Doghouse… Same as before, first u need to Build the Doghouse, and then collect Dog Treats so that you can use them to get more new Dogs…

Chew Toys Dog Beds Tennis Balls
Chew Toy – 12 Dog Bed – 12 Tennis Ball – 24

Note: If you are left over with extra parts, don’t discard them… There is another Doghouse coded, and you will be able to use them later for them…


After completion of the Doghouse, you will be given a free Pet… The Black Pug… 

Different Unlockable Dogs in the Sturdy Doghouse

Black Pugs

Bulldogs Brindle Bostons Brindle Boxers Buff French Bulldogs
Black Pug – Complete the DogHouse BullDog – 20 Treats or 20 FC Brindle Boston – 40 Treats or 40 FC Brindle Boxer – 70 Treats or 70 FC Buff French Bulldog – 120 Treats or 120 FC

Note: There is one more Doghouse that is scheduled to be released soon… The Sporty Doghouse…



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