The April Fool Quest

The April Fool Quest Guide !


Quest Starts: 4th April, 2013
Quest Expires: 18th April, 2013

Note:Farmville The April Fool Quest can be carried out on all farms are repeatable.Happy farming!


Let the Pranks Begin
Get 7 Canned Strings
Harvest 60 Tomatoes (8 Hrs Crop)
Make 8 Creamer recipes in the Dairy
Reward: 125 XP, 1 Stringed Cow, 2500 Coins


Critter Surprise
Get 8 Stuffed Mice
Harvest 90 Cotton (12 Hrs Crop)
Harvest Stringed Cow 2 Times
Reward: 150 XP, 1 Unwither, 3000 Coins


Surprise Smell
Get 9 Gnomes in the Box
Harvest 120 Red Tulips (1 Day Crop)
Make Floral Perfume 2 Times
Reward: 175 XP, Gnome in the Box, 3500 Coins
A Little Water Can’t
Get 10 Water Balloons
Harvest 150 Grapes (1 Day Crop)
Master Stringed Cow to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reward: 200 XP, Stringed Tree, 4000 Coins
Biding My Time
Get 10 Rubber Chickens
Harvest 180 Chickpeas (20 Hrs)
Harvest Stringed Tree 2 Times
Reward: 225 XP, Rubber Suit Chicken, 4500 Coins
One Step Ahead
Get 10 Disguise Glasses
Harvest 180 Daffodils (2 Days Crop)
Craft 1 Farmhand
Reward: 250 XP, 1 Mystery Dart, 5000 Coins
An Itch to Scratch
Get 11 Itching Powders
Harvest 180 Sunflowers (1 Day Crop)
Harvest Stringed Tree 1 Time
Reward: 275 XP, Jaster Throne, 5500 Coins
The Verbal Verdict
Get 12 Chattering Teeth
Harvest 180 Pepper (1 Day Crop)
Craft 1 Fertilize All
Reward: 300 XP, 1 XP Book, 6000 Coins
The April Finale
Get 14 Hand Buzzers
Harvest 240 Pink Roses (2 Days)
Make Strawberry Shortcake 2 Times
Reward: 325 XP, Stringed Horse, 6500 Coins

These Quest carried out on all farms are repeatable..Read full post for Pre Plan Or Pre Plant.Also use share button and share with your friends.Happy farming! 



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