Turtle Breeding!

Turtle Pen and Breeding Guide 

Farmville has introduced a new and unique form of breeding, Turtle Breeding. This new feature combines aspects of sheep and pig breeding with aspects of the other breeding pens. Enjoy the guide and please share with friends if you find it helpfu


If you do not receive a pop-up you can purchase a frame for 0 coins from the market

Once you have placed a frame, you will need three different parts to build it,  drift wood

Once you have completed building your pen, you are ready to start breeding. You receive a freeNavy Fuchsia Spotted Turtle in your completed pen and can post a feed to share more with your friends.

You can then purchase additional breeding turtles from the market..

Also unlike lambs or piglets, they are not limited. You can adopt as many baby turtles as you would like each day.


Click on the brown boxes with collection names at the top of each page to view the bred turtles needed and the reward for each collection.


When you have bred all the turtles required for a collection, the greyed out “trade in” box will turn green and you will be allowed to redeem your reward.



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