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A Yogurt Creamery is a Building in FarmVille 2 that produces  Yogurt with the help of dairy animals. After reaching  Level 8 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on “Place Yogurt Creamery” to get started.


Building materials needed for completion:

  •  6 Milk Can

  •  8 Stone Block

  •  8 Wood Planks

4 Neighbors will be needed to finish “building” your Yogurt Creamery.

Yogurt Production

Once the Yogurt Creamery has been built, adult dairy animals such as Cows and Goats give in addition to  Milk and  Cheese some  Milk Droplets after being fed. As soon as the Milk Droplet Bar reached 40, the Yogurt Creamery can be clicked to get  10 XP and  3-6 Yogurt

Chance Reward:

70% 3 Yogurt

15% 4 Yogurt

10% 5 Yogurt

5% 6 Yogurt

Gourmet Yogurt

The player yields one Gourmet Yogurt as long as there are at least 10 dairy animals. If there are less then there’s only a chance to get the Gourmet Yogurt. The Gourmet Yogurt can be a Uncommon, Rare or Ultra Rare one:

Chance Reward:

65% Uncommon Yogurt

25% Rare Yogurt

10% Ultra Rare Yogurt

If the Gourment Yogurt Collection consisting of  6 Uncommon Yogurt,  4 Rare Yogurt and  2 Ultra Rare Yogurt is completed, the player wins the exclusive Highland Cow.

Dairy Animals

Each dairy animal produces a different number of Milk Droplets. Goats produce the same number of  Milk Droplets as they produce  Milk, whereas the  Milk Droplets produced by Cows are 3 times greater than the given  Milk!

Goat Milk Droplets:               Cow Milk Droplets:

Red Goat 5-6                          Longhorn Cow 3-9

Saanen Goat 7-8                   Jersey Cow 6-12

Nubian Goat 2                        Swiss Cow 9-15

La Mancha Goat 3                 Devon Cow 9

Boer Goat 4                            Highland Cow 9

Using the Yogurt Creamery

You must have at least four adult Cows and/or Goats on your farm that are not Prized for the Creamery to be functional. Feeding your Cows and Goats fills your Creamery with Milk droplets. Once the Creamery is full of Milk Droplets you can harvest the station for Yogurt.

To know when your station is full, watch the Creamery jug fill up with Milk droplets or hover your mouse over the building and look at the progress bar.



Note: If you lack any requirements (such as not having enough Cows and/or Goats, or needing to wait a bit longer before harvesting), the game will tell you what you are missing. Otherwise you will receive Yogurt after each harvest.


Note: Rotate the Creamery to view a different angle!


Crafting Yogurt

When you harvest your Creamery, you will always get Plain Yogurt , which you can use in crafting three new Recipes: Strawberry Yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt Filling and Strawberry Yogurt Pie. Look for the Plain Yogurt in your Inventory.

Plain Yogurt:


New Recipes:


Helpful Tips

  • Animals that give more Milk fill the station more quickly. For example, a Goat that produces 5 Milk Bottles contributes 5 Milk droplets to the Creamery, where as a Goat that produces 1 Milk Bottle only contributes 1 Milk Droplet.

  • For the same amount of Milk produced, Cows fill the Creamery 3x faster than Goats. For example, a Goat that produces 3 Milk Bottles contributes 3 Milk droplets to the Creamery, but a Cow that produces 3 Milk Bottles contributes 9 Milk droplets.

You will receive a Gourmet Yogurt the first time you harvest your completed Yogurt Creamery. Yogurts linger on your farm similar to Prized Crops. Just click on the Yogurt and it will be added to your collection. After that, each harvest gives you a chance to receive more Gourmet Yogurts.


In addition to Gourmet Yogurt, harvesting the Creamery will give you additional XP points to help you level!

If you do not want to wait to collect the Gourmet Yogurt, you can use Farm Bucks to skip these steps and get the new baby Highland Cow right away!


Your new Highland Cow needs baby bottles to reach adulthood, just like your other animals. Once it has matured, it will produce Milk, which can be sold or used for Crafting.

Additional Information:

  • In addition to the regular output, you get an accumulation of Milk droplets in the Creamery.

  • Minimum of four Cows and/or Goats on any given farm is required to use the Yogurt Creamery.

  • If you do not wish to use the Yogurt Creamery feature, it can be sold (frame only) or stored in your Inventory.

  • If you want to see how many milk droplets are needed to harvest, hover your cursor over the Creamery.

  • Limited to one Yogurt Creamery per farm.

  • Sheep and sheep milk do not interact with the Yogurt Creamery. Only Adult Goats and Cows.

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