Zynga Farmville2 Harvesting the Fuel Pump Guide

Zynga FarmVille2 update the new Harvesting Fuel Pump Guide.Here you see how the fuel meter works  – if you are not able to harvest your fuel pump and seen this message “Use some first” it’s means that you are at maximum fuel capacity in the game Zynga FarmVille2.




If you want to know the capacity of fuel you have, simpely open your Crop dryer and move your mouse on the orange bar in zynga Farmville2.Now you can see the number on the left and right side of the slash ” / “. This will show you how much fuel you have and what is your maximum capacity.You can’t harvest your fuel pump if you are at over capacity. In the image below you can see the fuel capacity is maximum 18/18 and player will not be able to harvest their fuel pump in Zynga Farmville2.


The second option to check how much fuel you have just simply activate your fertilizer plane.You can do this with move your on watered crops, and click the plane icon on the middle in Zynga Farmville2.




In the top right corner of the game screen your fuel counter will be appear.Also you can check your fuel capacity to hovering your mouse on the fuel icon in Zynga Farmville2.




You will be able to harvest your fuel pump only if your fuel capacity have not full.





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